As  a club, we have a list of objectives as a guideline for all of us involved in Junior rugby at Mahurangi.
They are as follows:To promote Junior Rugby.

  • To promote the values of honesty, integrity, fair play and the will to win in a safe environment.
  • To support and encourage the development of coaches and coaching skills.
  • To treat all players fairly regardless of ability in a team environment.
  • To promote the rugby club as a positive environment for family.
  • To encourage parent involvement, and to take an active role within club activities

J7 & J8 play BEGINNING/RIPPA Rugby (age 5& 6) playing on half fields.
J6 & J 5 play LEARNING Rugby which introduces tackle play on half fields.
J1- J4 teams all play full field, tackle rugby.

If you are interested in joining the junior club please feel free to Contact Us.
*As a club we rely heavily on the sponsorship of local businesses in the community to help keep us afloat.
If you are keen to offer sponsorship please let us know.